"Passion for what you're doing is everything"

Introducing Piggy March: An accomplished Event Rider and Pc Racewear Weatherproof Breeches Enthusiast
We are thrilled to share that Piggy March, one of the top event horse riders in the world, has chosen to wear Pc Racewear Weatherproof Breeches while schooling and producing her horses. Piggy and her team recognise the quality and protection offered by our high-quality equestrian clothing line.
Piggy March is a familiar face on the eventing circuit, known for her impressive riding skills and numerous accomplishments. She has represented Team GB at multiple World and European Championships as well as winning the two most prestigious events: Badminton 2019 and Burghley 2022 with Vanir Kamira.
In Piggy's words, "Passion for what you're doing is everything"
"Some of the best moments of my career haven't necessarily been about winning but feeling that I have produced the best possible performance from a horse. That is true satisfaction."
"The experience they gave me was invaluable and I realised very early on that our sport isn't about having the most talented horse but the best partnership."
We are proud that Piggy March and her team have chosen PC Racewear Weatherproof Breeches for their work wear. Our breeches are made with the highest-quality materials and feature advanced weatherproof and breathable technologies to keep riders comfortable and dry, no matter the weather conditions.
Thank you for choosing PC Racewear for all your equestrian clothing needs. 
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