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Article: Interview: Peterjon Carberry talks to PC Racewear

Interview: Peterjon Carberry talks to PC Racewear

Paul Carberry PC Racewear PC Jacket and Duvall 140 Breeches worn by jockey Peterjon Carberry InterviewPeterjon Carberry wearing The Original PC Jacket in Classic Navy
and Duvall 140 Breeches in Chocolate Brown.

PC Racewear is passionately committed to supporting and sponsoring up and coming professional jockeys, in their quest to ride to the top in the equestrian world. We caught up with none other than Peterjon Carberry, one of our sponsored jockeys for an interview recently, and talked to him about his sporting inspirations and life as a pro...

Who has had the biggest influence on your career?
My biggest influence would be my brother Paul Carberry.  I was too young to see my father riding and only ever saw video footage, but I grew up with Paul on the TV. 

Of all the races, which would you most like to win?
The Grand National! It's the epitome of jump racing.

Where were you born and where did you grow up? Did you come from a big family?
I was born in hospital :0) and grew up in Ratoath five minutes from Fairyhouse Racecourse. There are eight of us altogether in the family. 

Where was the first time you saw a live horse race and what did you think of it?
I can't even think when the first time was. I can recall so many!

When did it first occur to you that you wanted to become a jockey?
Watching the real big races just really secured it. Them days give you tingles in the spine! 

PC Racewear sponsored jump race jockey Peterjon Carberry in action

Jump race jockey Peterjon Carberry in action.
Photo 2 courtesy of photographer - Sarah Jane Matthews.

Talk us through some of the steps that you had to take to become a jockey and what was the feeling like when you had that jockey license in your hand?
I was lucky enough to be brought up around horses all my life and had some of the best people showing me the way! Getting the license was great, but that's not the end of it. The hard work begins after that and that's getting the rides!

Tell me about your first race. Were you nervous driving to the track or in the jockey room?
No, I wasn't too nervous. I had a lot of pony racing experience, which is a great way to get introduced into the racing circuit.

What tracks have you ridden and how long have you been riding?
I've ridden every jump track in England and Ireland. I’ve been riding nine years now.

What advice would you give young riders?
One the most important things to do as a sportsman is to set goals. Whether you reach them in the time you allocate or not, it's something to work towards. 

How do you find wearing PC Racewear?
I love the PC Range and live in my PC Jacket and Breeches ...mainly because of the comfort but also because I know I will be protected from the Winter weather!

Are you ever worried about injuries and have you had any serious ones?
You can't ever be worried. You just accept that it’s something that can happen and put it to the back of your head.

Did you have to teach yourself how to ride or did you have somebody help you?
Obviously I had guidance, but in the end you have to find your own style and way of doing it that suits you.

Take us through a typical day.
Well, today I was up at ten to five and on the road for two and a half hours. I rode out four lots and drove home afterwards. I'm now sitting here doing this interview!

What are the best and worst things about being a jockey?
The best thing is the big meetings and being a part of that. The worst is the driving. 

Is there any race you have seen on TV that you would love to ride at one day?
The Grand National! It's the biggest race of the calendar and it would be great to ride in it.

Thanks Peterjon! We wish you all the best in the future.

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