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About PC Racewear

Designed by Riders for Riders

The PC Racewear clothing story began from a simple idea formed by myself, Joules Lamb in the company of Paul Carberry in 2004. While at Paul's house I noticed just how many jackets were hung at the back door and over the banister of the stairs: there were over 30 jackets if not more and not one of them were a favourite, worn every day! I asked Paul if he thought it would be possible to design ‘one’ jacket that would do everything that the other 30 odd jackets hung around the house wouldn’t do, and he thought 'why not?!'. From there we set to work!

With Paul's help on all aspects of the jacket's design it took two years of designing, testing, tweaking and retesting before the PC Jacket was complete. Since 2006, we have added Horse Riding Tops, Gloves, Leg Wear and Accessories to the PC range of Equestrian clothing, all with Paul's expert eye guiding our design choices for ultimate functionality in equestrian clothing.

Word of Mouth Success

The success of the PC Jacket and additional items in the PC Racewear range has been amazing, both in Ireland and abroad. Looking back to the beginnings of the business, the very first thing I did to sell a product was to stand on the pavement at the RDS Horse Show in Dublin, with PC Jackets in a cardboard box. Standing there I talked to people, promoted and sold the jackets for the duration of the show, along with the invaluable help of Pamela Carberry and Aimee Grieve.

From those humble beginnings ‘word of mouth’ has grown the PC Jacket and now full range of equestrian clothing into the well respected PC Racewear brand of today. Now available in a wide range of stockists in Ireland, the United Kingdom, France and Norway, you can also purchase worldwide from our online store which stocks our full Adults and Childrens ranges.

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