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A selection of Reviews & Testimonials by the best in the Equine and Racing Industry

“If you ride horses for a living as I do you need good gear! And that’s why I wear PC Racewear their Jackets and overtrousers are the only waterproofs I trust to keep me warm and dry” Paul Townend - Jockey

“I can’t recommend my PC Racewear Jacket highly enough, I love the fit, warm but yet light to wear but most importantly to me it keeps me dry even through the worst of the Irish weather” Patrick Mullins - Jockey

 “I’ve been using PC Racewear gear for 8 years and I wouldn’t choose any other brand for riding gear, especially waterproofs. I adore the new JAMB suit - been tried and tested in rainy Ireland and has not let me down.”  Kerri Lyons - Ger Lyons Racing

 “We are delighted with the way our PC Racewear customised gear has turned out, and the service provided has been top-class from start to finish. The jackets for racing have not only proved popular with the staff but also are practical & look smart at the races, and the branded riding out gear really makes the Team Skelton string one to be proud of!”  >Lucinda Gould - Dan Skelton Racing

"This will be the second pair of children's breeches I have ordered within the month they are the best riding trousers my son has ever had giving a perfect fit" Jo - Mother

"I’ve purchased PC Racewear in 2015 as I had heard it was some of the warmest Trackwork Gear and was keen to give it a shot. You definitely get more than you pay for; my Soft Shell and Waterproof Pants still are as durable and brand new as the day I bought them. I even used the Jacket recently to go to the races being a more than normal frosty day; not only did the job but I find very smart and tailored. I fully intend to purchase more when I move to Europe to combat the cold and stay warm. It is still the best Trackwork Gear I have purchased to date" Claudia Michelle Ried